Why Solar Energy is Required
Abundancy It is one of the major plus for using sun light to produce energy. It is never going to be completely used out until sun is burning shine and bright in sky. If we utilize solar energy to maximum potential it will reduce huge dependency on other fossil fuel sources.

  • Solar industry is diversified now. Solar energy systems are available for both domestic, commercial and industrial use. Solar panels available are far more efficient and portable now.
  • Solar energy is best possible answer for rural areas where conventional electricity is hard to produce. OR it is far more costly to install conventional electric grid station.Solar energy panels can be installed in such areas for free energy.
  • Solar power plants are dynamic in nature, therefore they can be combined with existing power sources to form hybrid energy system to enhance and meet energy requirements.
  • Solar panels are consist of arrays formed by small sized solar cells, they come in different sizes and shapes. This versatility in sizes makes it possible to install them wherever it can receive direct and maximum sunlight for optimum performance, i.e. land or roof. Solar cells can also be installed skylights or vertical walls
  • Technologically advanced solar power plants are available now which comes with pre-installed convertor device that converts DC to AC. By using these solar panels, residential and commercial business owners can reduced their electricity bills to significant level.
  • Net metering is bit less known yet significant advantage of using solar energy. It is term used if energy is sold out to electricity authorities when excess energy is produced then needed. This way energy bills are reduced by sending energy back to authorities. I believe, in Japan you can sell electricity you have produced using solar panels to their energy producing authorities.
  • Solar panels do not require much maintenance, they are very durable. They may require bit of cleaning once a while and that's all. Average life span of solar panels is 20 to 30 years, which justify its upfront cost.
  • The best use of solar energy is it being pollution free, noise free. It is the quitest source of free energy when we compare it with other source of energy for example wind energy turbines, geothermal etc.
  • Larger solar panels are available in market which help meeting the demands of larger amount of energy when needed. Such panels are very dynamic in construction, solar cells modules can be installed later on if it is required.
  • Solar energy is very friendly to environment, and it does not pollute our air. If solar power plants are installed where previously conventional energy sources were deployed, it will significantly improve atmosphere by reducing green-house and other dangerous gasses from environment.
  • Solar industry is bringing lots of jobs in market and making lives better all around the world. Solely in US, it has immensly benefited economy by producing thousands of jobs.
  • Governments are officially providing tax rebate reward programs for people who uses solar energy as their major source of energy.
Solar UPS / Solar Inverter are the ideal solution for domestic and office needs at the time of power cut.

It charges the battery thro Solar and backs up the load in the power cut time upto 3-4 hours.

This is becoming more popular as it is an economical solution with solar.
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